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ព័ត៌មានកម្មវិធី ឬវគ្គសិក្សា
  • វិញ្ញាបនប័ត្របត្រ័/ទទួលបាន : សញ្ញាបត្រវិជ្ជា​ជីវៈរយៈពេល​វគ្គខ្លី
  • ឈ្មោះគ្រឹះស្ថាន: Educational Development Institute (EDI)
  • ប្រភេទកម្មវិធី/វគ្គសិក្សា : វិទ្យាស្ថានពហុបចេ្ចកទេស
  • វិជ្ជាជីវៈ/ជំនាញ/ មុខវិជ្ជាសិក្សា : ជំនាញផ្សេងទៀតដែលមិនបានចាត់ថ្នាក់
  • ប្រភេទមុខរបររំពឹងទុក : គណនេយ្យ​​ សវនកម្ម និង​ពន្ធអាករ
  • ទីកន្លែងកម្មវិធី/វគ្គសិក្សា : រាជធានី​ភ្នំពេញ
  • កាលបរិច្ឆេទចុះឈ្មោះ : 09-04-2019 ដល់ 22-04-2019
  • កាលបរិច្ឆេទចូលរៀន : 27-04-2019 ដល់ 28-04-2019
  • ពេលវេលានៃការសិក្សា: <span class="text-primary">8:00am-5:00pm

This course is specifically tailored for people who are dealing with tax and payroll of the organization or anyone who wants to handle and deal with Cambodian Taxation Professionally

By the end of this two days training course, the participants will be able to understand

Understand and get updated on the latest laws and regulations in Cambodian Tax Environment
Have the updated knowledge and confidence to prepare individual and business tax returns
Understand and be able to calculate tax on profit, withholding tax, and value added tax, tax on salary and other kinds of tax such as tax on accommodation, patent tax, public lighting tax…etc.
Be able to prepare payrolls
Module 1: History of Tax and Others Related Regulations in Cambodia  

  • Rules & regulations governing the business registration
  • From estimated regime to real regime
  • Company classification
  • Simplified Accounting Rules
  • Major changes to tax law and its latest updated

Module 2: Tax on Profit

  • Taxable income Vs. Tax exempted income
  • Deductible expense Vs. Non-deductible expense
  • Rules concerning depreciation of tangible assets
  • Rule concerning interest rate
  • Rules concerning charitable contribution
  • Tax rate and prepayment of profit tax 
  • Minimum tax and Loss carried forward 

Module 3: Withholding Tax 

  • Concept of withholding tax 
  • Withholding tax rates 
  • Withholding agent

Module 4: Value Added Tax 

  • Theory of Value added tax 
  • Taxable supply and Non-taxable supply
  • VAT exemptions redefined
  • Input tax deductible and non-deductible
  • VAT incentives for certain product/service/sector of the economy
  • Tax burden 

Module 5: Tax on Salary

  • Tax on salary (TOS) and its evolutions 
  • Definition of taxable salary
  • TOS exemption
  • Updated tax rate and its calculations
  • Fringe benefits and tax 

Module 6: Other Kinds of Tax 

  • Tax on accommodation
  • Public lighting tax
  • Updated Excise Tax
  • Updated Patent Tax
  • Updated Signboard tax

Module 7:

Major Tax Challenges and Open Discussion

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